Located at Brüggli, Chamer Fussweg, Zug

Winter break until May 2021




The sail pictures not only bedeck the Ship of Tolerance but also are presented in installations in the city of Zug and other communities.

On Saturday, September 10 an inauguration ceremony takes place as part of the integration platform "Let's Talk" main event at the Landsgemeindeplatz, Zug. 

On Sunday, September 11, a concert is held in Lorzensaal, Cham with performances by musically gifted children and young people from around the world.

Marko Remec's Installation Once Upon A Time (Ship Totem) will be inaugurated on September 11 as well.

Until October 13 the ship is on Lake Zug, accompanied by further events on the theme of tolerance.

Kunsthaus Zug mobile is based at the Alpenquai as a point of information and a place for discusions during the exhibition.

From October 22 to 30 the Ship of Tolerance is shown as a special exhibit at the Zug Trade Fare.

The Kunsthaus Zug presents works by Ilya Kabakov and a documentation room for Ship of Tolerance in parallel to the collection exhibition Paris sans Fin - Cézanne to Giacometti.



Details about the events